Nox Mente

Nox Mente

Nox Mente is a podcast dedicated to exploring consciousness through dreams, dreaming, and dream theory using a wide angle lens. We have opened up this conversation to a diverse world of dreamers. Our goal is to help in the process of bringing conscious intent to the state of dreaming — light to the shadowy corners of this experience we all have access to, each time we drift off to sleep.

We strive to maintain an open and neutral environment as hosts. There are many theories on the process of dreaming and altered states, and we want to hear them all. No information is irrelevant when it comes to dreams. It is in the overlap of individual experiences that we find pathways into the thinking and journeys of the collective.

Nox Mente is streamed live every Wednesday night at 9:00pm Eastern on our YouTube channel

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    Sabrina Jean

    Tonight's guest is Sabrina Jean

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    Susan Chang

    Tonight's guest is Susan Chang

  4. Thumb 1547825333 artwork

    Devin Madgy

    Tonight's guest is YouTuber Devin Madgy

  5. Thumb 1547130466 artwork

    Varla Ventura

    .Tonight's guest is author Varla Ventura. .

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    Tonight's guest is podcaster Grimsteak.

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    M. J. Dickson

    Tonight's guest is paranormal investigator M. J. Dickson.

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    Timothy Renner

    Tonight's guest is illustrator, author, and folk musician, Timothy Renner.

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    Greg Bishop

    Tonight's guest is researcher, author and podcaster, Greg Bishop!

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    Ben Emlyn-Jones

    Tonight's guest is Ben Emlyn-Jones

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    Robert Bonomo

    Tonight's guest is Robert Bonomo

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    Corinne Boyer

    Tonight's guest is folk herbalist, teacher, and author Corinne Boyer!

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    Thomas Sheridan

    Tonight's guest is Thomas Sheridan

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    Jenny Moonstone

    Tonight's guest is Jenny Moonstone.

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    Teresa Yanaros

    Tonight's guest is author and journalist, Teresa Yanaros

  18. Thumb 1540865878 artwork

    Niles Heckman

    Tonight's guest is Niles Heckman

  19. Thumb 1540865685 artwork

    Sonia Barrett

    Tonight's guest was speaker and author, Sonia Barrett.

  20. Thumb 1540865929 artwork

    Mike Williams

    Tonight's guest is Mike Williams, host of the Sage of Quay radio hour.

  21. Thumb 1540865957 artwork

    Laird Scranton

    Tonight's guest is researcher and author, Laird Scranton!

  22. Thumb 1540865984 artwork

    Jason Louv

    Tonight's guest is author, blogger, journalist and occultist, Jason Louv!

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    Joshua Cutchin

    Tonight's guest is author Joshua Cutchin!

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    Jay Dyer

    Tonight's guest is author Jay Dyer.

    Jay is a public speaker, lecturer, comedian and author of "Esoteric Hollywood: Sex, Cults and Symbols in Film", which became #1 in its category on Amazon in its first month.

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    Greg Carlwood

    Tonight's guest was Greg Carlwood, host of The Higher Side Chats!

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  28. Thumb 1532308207 artwork

    Melissa Martell

    Tonight's guest is artist, author, podcaster and paranormal researcher, Melissa Martell

  29. Thumb 1530431464 artwork

    Randy Maugans

    Tonight's guest is Randy Maugans, owner and host of OffPlanet Radio, TV, and Media.

  30. Thumb 1530505999 artwork

    Jestin Sallas

    Tonight's guest is Jestin Sallas from the Friends To Know podcast

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  32. Thumb 1533934079 artwork
  33. Thumb 1530506246 artwork

    Anja Teich

    Tonight's guest is intuitive empath, herbalist, energy healer and all-around super-witch, Anja Teich!

  34. Thumb 1530506453 artwork

    Alex Tsakiris

    Tonight's guest is Alex Tsakiris; author, and host of the Skeptiko podcast.

  35. Thumb 1530507016 artwork

    Trisha Gelder

    Tonight's guest is spiritual numerologist, Trisha Gelder.

  36. Thumb 1530646780 artwork

    James Alfred

    Tonight's guest is researcher James Alfred, owner of Sage Sigma Unbound. James is a digital lumberjack. He clears the forest so you can see the trees.

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  38. Thumb 1530648766 artwork

    Michael Joseph

    Tonight's guest is researcher and podcaster, Michael Joseph.

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  40. Thumb 1531066110 artwork

    Gordon White

    Tonight's guest is author, and magician extraordinaire, Gordon White.

  41. Thumb 1531066539 artwork

    Jakob Martinez

    Tonight's guest is Jakob Martinez, an intuitive, modern shaman, and creative artist, based out of Denver, Colorado. He "crossed over" the nano-bridge and since returning, has devoted his passion to bringing more light into the world, by sharing the healing ARTOFLOVE. Creativity birthed new life into a body that was dying for expression. It is this form of sharing that he shares in esoteric writings, music, and other media.

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    Gordon Rupe

    Tonight's guest has seven books in eight languages: true crime author Gordon Rupe.

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    Tonight's guest is YouTuber, Killendel!

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  45. Thumb 1531164609 artwork

    Heidi Vandenberg

    Tonight's guest is Vedic astrologer Heidi Vandenberg from Channel 27.

  46. Thumb 1531164845 artwork

    Vince Ynzunza

    Tonight's guest is Vince Ynzunza from Pacific NorthWEIRD.

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  48. Thumb 1531697856 artwork

    Walter Bosley

    Tonight's guest is author and researcher Walter Bosley

    Walter Bosley is a world-traveler, author, and explorer of extraordinary phenomena. He was born in San Diego, CA; and attended SDSU where he earned a B.A. in Journalism.

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    Emily Moyer

    Tonight's guest is Emily Moyer, co-host of Off Planet Radio

  51. Thumb 1535930436 artwork

    Lauda Leon

    Tonight's guest is Lauda Leon

  52. Thumb 1530430539 artwork

    C. W. Chanter

    Tonight's guest is C.W. Chanter

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  54. Thumb 1530428483 artwork
  55. Thumb 1530427973 artwork

    Yvonne Palermo

    Tonight's guest is Yvonne Palermo.

  56. Thumb 1535242759 artwork

    Post Horis | Ayme Frye

    After we finished Nox Mente with Ayme Frye, we talked for another hour or so.

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  58. Thumb 1530427064 artwork

    Aaron David

    Tonight's guest is Aaron David, host of the Charm the Water podcast.

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    Raksha Moose

    Tonight's guest is Raksha Moose

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  62. Thumb 1535242906 artwork

    Post Horis | Brandon Young

    Brandon, Niish, and I go down the external consciousness manipulation rabbit hole. Brandon had to cut out early, and Niish and I continue the conversation without him.

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  64. Thumb 1530335722 artwork

    Ra Castaldo

    Tonight our guest was Ra Castaldo.

    Ra was born into a family of Italian shaman and magic users, called Strega. This ancient lineage hails from several areas In Italy including: Benevento, Lake Nemi, Volterra, and Afragola. The Strega were the supernatural protectors in those times, as were many organized pagan groups.

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    Kim Ulrich

    Kim Ulrich is a friend of the show

  66. Thumb 1530109548 artwork

    Suzanne Potter-Thomas

    Suzanne Potter-Thomas is a fellow researcher and friend of the show.

  67. Thumb 1530109492 artwork

    Nomad Ninja

    Nomad Ninja, a nature spirit and friend of the show.

  68. Thumb 1530109521 artwork

    James Cruz

    Our first show with James Cruz, co-host of the Cruzin' with Steak podcast.

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